Friday, November 17, 2006

So and tomorrow is here in 1 minute

Okay so today I finally go to physical therapy at 11:00 tomorrow. First time for everything they say.
So tonight we had card night again. I again missed my assignment but, I did turn in my last months assignment. The gals did cards with recipe's. Way cute all you guys. OH yeah there was 4 of us duds that didn't turn in our cards. Wow!!! I won't say who but you know who you are. I will take pics this weekend so yall can see their work. Karla was in charge tonight. We did a cute Turkey Lurkey card and we got to embrodiery a little christmas type tag or ornament. It was fun. I may have found something new to do. Like I really need to tackle something new. Oh well, that's what keeps it going.
Found a babysitter for Jack he starts next Monday. I am sad, waaaaaaa........

Well I will check in with everyone tomorrow. NOW if you read this before 5:00 am tomorrow morning. GO TO BED YA NUT..... Ha Ha hee hee ha ha. laugh laugh.. Goodnight it's now 12:03 am.

Just learned Jack Black is in a band. Oh lord I am listening it's bad good gosh.


Anonymous said...

been up since 2;25 my time love jake chk ur e mail jake

OrangeGlow said...

What? Tenacious D rocks! I love JB and KG... they rock!

23r0 said...

you never heard of Tenacious D will some wone has been liveing under a rock