Tuesday, November 07, 2006


well this post is to update all my family and loved ones on my condition.

Yesterday morning I was in severe pain in my left arm from the shoulder blade down. No position would relieve it. I was sweating terrible. So I said Putter take me to the hospital please. "I may be having a heart attack". So at 5:30 we were off. Got to emergency they did a ton of test on me. All clear... no heart attach. Yeah so glad to here that. So they stuffed me into a MRI machine. Thank god I was out of it and didn't know a thing.

Anyway result between disc 5 and 6 I have something that slipped and is pressing against the nerve. I will find out today if they will operate. The longer my hand stays numb the more damage will occur.

so that's the update. I am still alive.

gotta to go.


OrangeGlow said...

Oh my Callie. I hope you don't have to get operated on. I was crazed yesterday when Jess called me at 7am saying you were in the hospital with a possible heart attack. I'm releived it wasn't a heart attack but I still hope you don't have to go through surgery. I love you!!!

Anonymous said...

hang touhf you old bird i told you all u need is a shot o petercilin hope u feel better soon love jake

OrangeGlow said...

what's the verdict???