Thursday, December 07, 2006

Nus Wan is coming home. Pinky boy in Oregon again.

Big boy is coming home! He has had enough of the cold. He is basically layed off for the winter and minimum wage is only a little over 5 bucks an hour. I think he is very lonely back there. So his friend Jeff Shaw is flying out there tomorrow and then they are taking off. Coming home. Different towing rig this time and toyota looks alot different. Guess he rolled it in Oklahoma or something anyway it has a tube chassis on it now. He left the sub in Lesterville at uncle Jake's cabin he will fetch it later. It needs a tranny. So, he won't have a much junk with him this time. I have stressed to him to pack survival gear, that country can be beautifully brutal. Wont' be warm like it was in the summer time.
Well, I keep people posted this weekend.


OrangeGlow said...

Ahhh. poor justin. when's he coming back?

Anonymous said...

Mr. ‘Anonymous’ here again… I never really understood why people live in that part of the country. Hot and muggy in the summer and the epitome of nuclear winter the rest of the year! Not a mountain in sight. I was ‘out there’ just this week and while it was at best an interesting place to visit… you could not pay me enough to live there.

Callie Ann said...

Callie Ann said...
Hi Again A.
I see my Silver Tongued friend is back.

I think most live there because their parent's never ventured far, didn't have the drive in them to become adventurous frontier men like our ancestors did. Yes, and were you live it is location, location, location, better quality of life. When your young you always think the grass is greener on the otherside. Justin has now learned that it didn't even have soil good enough for grass. He is longing for the mountains, it's in his blood. I think he is coming back for good. He would rather be poor and happy than have a few bucks and be totally miserable.