Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Jibber, Jabber

Current Events:

Putter is home and recovering
Justin moved out with a friend
Jack crawled
Hmmm that's the news from here.

So it was 4:30 this morning and Nicky the Cow Dog started growling, I went inspecting with her. She went crazy in the back yard, but I don't know what it was. So I am awake now. guess I will start a load of laundry, started the coffee pot, then emptied the dishwasher, then reloaded and started it. It's now 6:30 am and I have been crusing around on the internet. I have 2 hours before I head off to work. So that is the story in Oregon. Oh yeah It has warmed up alot this morning 31 degree's this morning. Still frost is on the car.

Seriously now Next Monday I get to go scrapbooking with Teresa. I am very excited about this. Uhaul has been really really slow lately. I am thinking of doing a spot just on Uhaul Customers. Some of the things that happen are sometimes unbelievable and insane. People. Were did they crawl out of. (more to come on this subject).

Wanted to check in with everyone and see how they are doing on their word of the year.
So Brandi, Karla, Sarah, and Shann send me an email on your progress.
As far as my word organize well, I am hoping to make a big leap since Justin has moved out. I was thinking this way. Writing myself a schedule for daily do's. Everyday I will organize one drawer, then onto one shelf... Could be a slow process, but anything is better than what I have been doing. So I will start Feburary 1, 2007.
So Girls be sure and clue me in on your progress.

I won't be doing my picture of the day for awhile. I have run out of examples. That was a January event. So I am exhausted on that now. So I will move on. Shannon and Brandi may still keep there's up, we will see. Although they did such a good job, they will soon be receiving something by snail mail. Soon... Don't hold your breath thou. I have been gonna send my Aunt Pat pictures for about 8 months now. Shannon, I got a few scrapbook supplies for in November. Thus Organize needs to creep into my life.... Pathetic.

That is my insert for the day. Talk to you all later


Brandi said...

Hey Cal....don't give up...keep taking pictures. Keep will not regret the effort. Heck take before & after shots of your organized cabinets and drawers...anything goes.
Oh and throw some Jack Pepper in...nothing trumps a sweet baby not even my puppy!
I love this it makes me carry my camera around...and think about things I want to remember.

OrangeGlow said...

well i had this whole thing typed up then i did something stupid and it all went away.

no i haven't gotten a new camera yet. i think i'm going to wait to see how much i'm gettin back from my taxes but i also need to find out how much i'll be owing the courts. i'm still using the same old hp photosmart 435 with 3.1 megapixals and 5x zoom. its only good for close up shots.

as far as my word of the year, LEARN, its going good. i'm learning more and more about myself each day. i was surprised when i didn't burst into tears when i was arrested. also, i just got off the phone with a friend who is going through tough times. i was able to give her some good advice that i had learned from my past relationships. so not only am i learning more i'm also converting my learnings into teachings which in turn helps me learn more about myself. its a vicious cycle for learning. i'm still working on accepting myself and learning how to work around my faults by not letting them interrupt my life and goals. basically i'm still LEARNING.

Love Ya Cal, keep to your word of the year and everything shall work out for the best.

OrangeGlow said...

hey, maybe i should join in on the photo of the day but i'd be worried i would slack off and miss a day or three.... :)

I enjoy your photo of the days too. It's the first thing i check after my mail!