Monday, January 22, 2007

Good Morning, It's still January

Good Monday to everyone. Had a pretty good weekend. Putter and I made a trip to Costco Yesterday. Gads... Too much money was spent. We had a list and we deviated the list and that really got us in trouble. Putter was so funny we got the reciept and he counted how many items matched our list. I think he said we bought 42 items and had like 23 on our list. Amazing. Needless to say we shouldn't have to go back for a while. That's cool.

The weather has been a tad bit warmer. Saturday was an ice rink. Two people in town slid their cars around and knocked out power poles. One of them affected the Uhaul so I had to make manual contracts. Those always scare me because I can't verify cc amount's. OH well,
Mom watched Jack this weekend. It was nice to have a break. He really tears down my shoulder when I have him, He is a big boy.

This last month we had the biggest power bill we have ever had. It's was huge, all this cold is really effecting us. Besides the fact that they raised our rates 5% then our bill was $300.00 the biggest power bill we have ever had was around $200 our average bill has been around $120. So anyway that is depressing. We need to caulk the outside of the windows. We have an old heat pump maybe its dying on us. who knows.

We got the girls (Nicky and Peanut) one of those sheepskin throws for dogs at Costco. They love it. Makes them feel cozy, at least that is what i am saying.

Bears and Colts going to the Super Bowl. I haven't followed football in a few years. I was a big follower in the 80's. The days of Montana and the 49ers. Those were the days. Used to watch football with my dad it was fun. I even made him a little bunny with a 49er outfit one it's was called Joe Bunny. OH how funny.

Of course it's offical. Hillary threw her hat in the ring running for president. Gonna be interesting.

Have a good Monday everyone!


JustMeShann said...

Might I ask was January supose to have disapeared over night? Silly Girl! Have a good day! Shann

Skittles said...

Hi! I saw on MyBlogLog you'd been visiting so I'm returning the favor :)

I've heard Costco is great! My daughter used to work there. We don't have one very convenient to where we live, though.

I haven't been too much into football for years either, I probably stopped around the same time you did by the sounds of it. But I always watch the Superbowl and always hope for a good close game.. not a runaway game like you see so often.

So, Hillary finally did it huh?