Thursday, January 18, 2007


thoughts run rampid
can't slow down
got to get control
can't find the right button
what to do.

no correct thinking
can't get organized
living, breathing, resting
what's next
what to do

want to do
but can't
how to have thought's straight
got to get control
old age, young age, middle age

there is more to this rambling
scrambled brains
news, politics, money,
family, friends, people
make's no sence

get up, get going,
go to work
come home
go to sleep
do it again.


JustMeShann said...

and aint life grand! Yes it is because we wake up and breath until there is no more breath... Find the positive in the sense and go with it, because we are what we are and we get what we get... Live, Share, Love, Laugh, Work in what ever order you dare... Breath.......................

OrangeGlow said...

I hear that! Don't forget LEARN. Constantly rcognize your body's internal state and learn how to harness control over your world. Organize a little everyday, set attainable goals everyday, complete the goal. Apply that strategy everyday and HAVE FUN!

Skittles said...

Been there.. recently in fact.