Saturday, January 13, 2007


Weather Briefing

It's 12:15 in the afternoon here and it's 28 degrees, was clear this morning now overcast. Got an email from my Dad in Kingman Arizona he said it was 17 there. Gonna be a cold one. brrr. It's cold everywhere.

Didn't go to UHAUL today. I have Jack today. Jessica was able to go back to work today so, Jack is visting with his Na na today. He is taking a little nap right now. He is still not up to par. We have just layed around this morning while he is just relaxing. Sweet little boy.
Other than that I so need to get some housework done. But, of course I don't want to wake Jack up so I'll just have to put it off a little longer. OH Darn!
If something exciting happens around this Dog House I'll let you know. Until then Chow


Anonymous said...

Your "BLOG" has been Super Good lately..Love the Pics Cold here in LV 31 degrees right now at 3:15 pm

OrangeGlow said...

It got down to 1 degree here last night. VERY COLD!!! It's 25 degrees right now at 7pm.

Jessica's Blog said...

Ya know mom, jack will sleep right through vaccuming and doing dishes. Hes good that way. lol. I love you. Wow did you see Sarah was at 1 degree! crazy