Sunday, January 14, 2007

A little Sunday Morning

There has always been something special about Sunday Morning's.
They call for good coffee.
They call for reading the morning paper, now I read blogs.
They call for staying in Pajamas.
They call for someone cooking breakfast.
They call for feeling cozy.
I like Sunday Mornings
On this Sunday morning it has warmed up a little it is 24 this morning. There seems to be a thick layer of frost this morning on my car. Note to self start car a few minutes earlier to warm up. Off to get Jack Jack again this morning. There is to things going on a U-Haul this morning so Mom will be handling that. Jessica has to work. So here starts a Sunday morning.
Saturday night. Last night Putter and I went down to U-haul and filled the thirsty tanks on our vehicles. Then we came home and watched the movie Davinci Code. That was a good movie. then we both went in the computer room and each did our own version of internet searching. It was a nice saturday night.

That is what is to be said about this morning. I am trying to think of something unusual for my sunday picture of the day. Any suggestions. Will take any.

Well toodel loo for now. Talk with you later.
My actual coffee this morning
Coffee, 2 packets Splenda, Vanilla creamer. Ahhhh

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JustMeShann said...

Sounds wonderful... I got up and made blueberry buckle, sausage and omelet for hubby... And of course I had my coffee and cream... Wish you were here... I get to go help sheet rock today... Happy day to ya!