Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Winnie the Pooh

Blustery, Garbage Can blowing day
It was definitely a Winnie the Pooh Blustery Day kind of Day. Wind going crazy I woke up and looked across the street and saw what we used to call a widow Maker the top out of a tree that came crashing down. The pic doesn't really do it Justice. It was big, Laying there on the street. The local authorities showed up and drug it out of the street. Then the clean up crew came by and chopped it up, then a chipper showed up and wala it was gone. Tax dollars at work did good this time.
The off to work I went. When I drove down the Drive-way I found a 6 X 12 Uhaul trailer that had wondered out of the parking lot and down into the little drink, a little creek.

Another picture that you can't quite see what is happening. beyond that curb is actually a big drop off. We had the guy in the back use his big Roadrunner which is a giant fork lift for picking up huge stacks of bailed hay. Took him just a few minutes to get it out.
So from there I went to the street to get the garbage can from the street. It is one of those 90 gallon carts. Well, I was picking it up and a big gust came along and grabbed holed of the lid and smacked me really hard in the head. and then blew out of my hand and threw it's self across the lawn. I was then stumbling around. Gads. This garbage container is right next to Pacific blvd which is a very busy place early in the morning. Gosh I thought. Here I am this big lady wrestling around with a garbage container and it's smacking me in the head. What a site that must have been. I wonder how many people got a chuckle out of that. I swear that smack knocked me a little silly after that. The spot on my head does hurt now. boo hoo me.

So that was my morning. So it was a weather day. Suppose to be icy tomorrow but we will see. Next up American Idol tonight. What will happen now? Who on the Judging panel will fight now? What will Ryan say? Controversy Rolls On.


JustMeShann said...

Good Golly Miss Molly!!!! What a morning you had and I was so busy that I missed it!!! Boo Hoo to JustMe!!! Hope the day finished out with your noggin feeling better and no more public trash bin beatings! I love your pictures, so much better than the comics! The sky looks like something from the wizard of oz!! I love it!!! My kind of weather! the only thing better is driving in it or sharing it with a friend!!! Love ya, Shann

Skittles said...

Look at that sky!!!

I know it isn't really funny, but I bet if someone had video taped you and the garbage can, you could have been on AFV!

Didn't Sundance do so much better this time? I thought he was a goner for sure last week.. not he's showing what he's got. I think Sanjaya will be going home.

Brandi said...

Callie...thanks for sharing your trash can comedy with us here in Blog land....it really made me laugh out loud....and reminded me of last summer the girls and I came home and a big storm was a brewing. I had to run out and gather stuff from the patio. Should have seen me dancing around with the patio table umbrella. I got it lifted out of the table and then a big gust blew it open and I'm hanging on for dear life, all the while Megan is inside hollering "hold on Mama". So that is why I laughed so hard....takes one to know one!
Hope your noggin feels better...oh and keep up the WW....you go girl!

Linda said...

I could just picture you chasing around a garbage can that kept smacking you in the head while the wind was blowing everything around! Oh bother as our dear Pooh Bear would say!