Monday, February 26, 2007

WW End of week TWO

Congrats to Myself and My Mom!!!
Yep, I lost 3.8 pds this week. That is a whopping total of 6 pounds. It really helps me to be able to post my achievement. So please don't think I am being conceited or anything. Just like it really helps me to post my sugar levels.

On the weight watchers points plan they watch calories, fats, fiber and that is how they determine the point value. Some of the things I have to be very careful of Being diabetic.
Weight Watchers pre made Muffins are 2 points but I can't eat them because the Carbs are 44 grams. Which is twice over my allotment for a whole meal. So I need to read all my labels. But, that is okay.

My mom has really done well she has lost 6.4 pds. So Bravo to mom. We both got a 5 pd weight loss sticker tonight woo hoo. Anyway. keep up the good work Mom


JustMeShann said...

Good for YOU and Aunt Jo!!! Keep on going gals and maybe I will have to get off my oh so big darEair too! I love my creative spelling! Doesnt take much to amuse me these days, God forbid when I am older... Hope no one commits me! Love ya and Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Way to go (both of you) keep up the good work. Just remember, exercise needs to be in there also.


Skittles said...

That is TERRIFIC news!!! And look how good your sugar was today!!! Bravo!!!

I kind of took your advise after WW told me they didn't have plan for me. I went to Ebay and bought a WW starter kit :) You're right. I do know carbs and can just watch out. Thanks for the terrific idea :)


Linda said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! To both you and your Mom! This is definitely something to be proud of and you go right ahead and brag all you want to! You've earned it and if there is a single person who begrudges you at all then they're just jealous of your success.