Thursday, February 08, 2007

Today was Thursday...

So back to the reality of life. Today was the usual much more laid back. yeah hurray. Rented all the trucks we had but three. So good deal. It's doing the drippy rain thing here in Oregon today. They are getting more in California and they really need it.

Talked to my Brother today on the phone. He has been very busy working Graveyard lately and training a new guy. He says it's like babysitting big time. So he hasn't had much time to get on the blogs lately either.

My daughter Jessica, well they are doing another ultrasound on her, on the twentieth to see if it is her gallbladder. It didn't show up on the old test but, they want to check with another kind of test to make sure she is okay. Also her back has went out. It's hard on her with jack weighing in at 28 pounds. He is a big boy!

Haven't seen much of Justin lately

Putter will be home another week taking care of his leg. Hopefully he will be back to work soon. I do enjoy having him at home. It's been very nice. I made pot roast tonight in my old cast iron dutch oven. The best, beats the crock pot roast. This had a ton of flavor used a recipe out of the best of cooking light. yummy. Jessica and Jack showed up for dinner also. It was nice.

So that was part of this evening. Of course I watched Grey's Anatomy. Wow, Meredith got throw over the pier so we will see what happens there. Waiting a week drives me Crazy. Then comes Sunday night. Desperate House Wives and Brother's and Sister's. Love those shows. I am an official Junkie to all three of those shows.

Well, Of to work in the morning I will go. I ordered a new sugar blood tester from the doc today. So when I get it I am going to start reporting my SBLon my blog like skittles does. Maybe that is the thing that will help me take better care of this old run down body.
Keep it real people. And it your having a bad day I will use a quote I used on my friend's Shannon and Sarah this week. "Suck it Up Solider" .

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