Thursday, October 18, 2007

Just another Thursday

Oh Wow, I can't get a picture to upload. Stupid.... Computer stuff. I am using fire fox as my browser now because it seems that Internet explorer took a life long nap. It won't work. I have tried redoing all that, as much as I am capable of fixing it I have tried. So phewy to that.

I am trying a new coffee this am. Millstone Bed and Breakfast Inn style. Yummy it's smooth. My favorite smooth. I don't know how I got so lucky. Lots of times when I buy a new coffee to try, it turns out yucky. But, not this time.... yummy.

Big storm out in the northwest to day. Rain Wind wwwweeeeeeee. I am ready.

Jessica's family has a cold and now Mike came home last night with a horrid stomach flu. Gross I am not excited about this. I really hope Jess and Jack don't get it. Mike was at work and just kept on working. He is a trooper. He is trying hard to take care of his little family. I am proud of him. Good job Mike!!

Got up at 6 and it's 7 already dang... this means I have to leave you and get ready for work. Waaaaaaa. Love to all, have a good day.


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

We were supposed to get some rain here, but so far just a few sprinkles. We so need some rain.

What exactly is wrong with your IE? Do you need to reinstall? Perhaps.

Here's their link:

Mine quit working a while back and I had to reinstall. :)

Linda said...

We're supposed to get rain here in the next day or two and we could use it. It's been unseasonably warm which just doesn't seem right at all for October!

Blogger has been having issues loading pictures the past few days so it might not be your computer but a bug with Blogger. I've had to switch back and forth between Firefox and IE lately so I'm all confused!

Amazing Gracie said...

Oh, I so want a storm to come through! I love rain storms! I love lightening and thunder and all of that stuff...
Just not as violent as it has been in the east with tonadoes...
And we sure need snow - lots of it!

crazy working mom said...

I got back home and I guess Tyler's sick with something. He was up a big part of the night last night and he's saying his belly hurts. He's also running fever. *Sigh* Vacation's officially over! :(