Wednesday, January 16, 2008

class cards.

These are the cards I prepared for my class last night. I really only like the bottom one. Since I procrastinate I waited to long to come up with ideas off my head. So I grade myself as
Bottom one a A=alright
Top one a C= crappy
Middle one a D=dude


JustMeShann said...

Okay here's the deal... I like them ALL! and I mean that... I love the fact that you are giving me ideas... And what I love the most is that I like the top one! Ha! They all look great... Thanks for sharing with me! Love ya, Shann

Brandi said...

I like them all too, they all have a different feeling. The top one is cheerful, the middle one is a classic has a 1970's feel and the bottom one is clean and crisp. Very nice work, thanks for sharing your talents.
hug-hug, Brandi