Wednesday, January 16, 2008

swap cards

Well I am not sure who did this one because I didn't write it down. So If you gals know who did give me a clue please. I didn't get a copy of My mom's so it's not here. Darn Darn If I am missing anyone's it's because I dont' have it. So thanks Girls I had a good time.

Don't know who did this one ???? I did this one "Thank You"
Sharon did this one

? on this Doillie heart
Thinking of you = Haley did this one
Friends Forever Teresa did this one
Love Hmm don't know???


JustMeShann said...

I LOVE all of these! They all have such wonderful personality... You girls are absolute great card makers, they are really beautiful... Thanks for sharing Cal; Love ya Shann

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

They are beautiful. You guys are just so crafty. Very well done. Have a great day CallieAnn. :)

Angela said...

Y'all did an awesome job. I love everyone of these:-). I bet it's tons of fun too.
Have a great day!!

Mags said...

Oh so pretty Callie!! And the card's not bad either. ;)

Amazing Gracie said...

I love doing this stuff~ Problem is, I have so much "stuff" in boxes that I get befuddled when I think of doing something and can't find anything, I give up. So, the past couple of days, I'm trying to empty each box and match up all the different types of "stuff." It may takes me weeks......
Love your cards!

crazy working mom said...

Talented girls you are! :)