Saturday, January 19, 2008

New office, it's my desk ya know.

My boss wants me to keep my desk clean at my new office. Crap, how am I going to do that? This is just a sketch but this can resemble how my desk really operates. The boss wants me to put everything away. I seriously think this will interfere with my productivity. Who ever said if you desk is clean then you must be doing a really good job. B.S. This boss of mine comes in all the time asking tons of questions that have nothing to do with what I am currently working on. It seems I am always switching gears for this guy. Thus that is how the desk becomes so cluttered. I wish he would make an appointment with me with a topic of what we will be discussing. Then I could have all things prepared.

Quick of the top of your head.

How much Rye did we bail up off of D-3 field in Stanton for the year 2003?

How much was the Labor for Fescue in Sam Miller's barn? Oh yeah from 7years ago?

He asks questions like that. Which of course no one has put to spread sheet yet. I started and completed spread sheets for the 2004, 2005, 2007 season. I quit in 2006 so there is no spread sheet for that year.

Just thought I would show you an example of questions he asks out of the blue. OH yeah and he constantly wants compliments. It can be so tiring.


Jessica's Blog said...

Well, If your desk is spotless then obviously you have too much time on your hands. Tell Allen to look at it that way. LOL If he bitches at you tell him you want to see his office! Do what you have to do Mom! The system you have works, that is why your paid what you are! Love you Mom!

crazy working mom said...

Hah! :)

I can so totally relate to that.

Spooker said...

Mine's a MESS, too.
At least I don't have a boss asking about rye and fescue...