Sunday, January 20, 2008

Plum Blossoms and the weekend.

I received this Plum Blossom today from an awesome friend of mine. Mags. Thanks Mags.
Sometime soon things will turn warm here in the Oregon frost and these beauty's will be popping up like crazy. I just love these blossoms.

Happy Sunday Morning to everyone!

Well, last night we went to a dinner party at some of Putter's friends that he has stayed in contact with since he was in High School. It was simply a lot of fun.

His friends with the help of a ton of other friends built there new craftsman style house. It was gorgeous. Tina made a wonderful dinner. It was very good. Then the drinks came out. Oh my. They made up a bunch of Lemon shooters. Which is just like Lemon Drop drinks but smaller. Oh they were nummy. I had to many, I didn't feel a drunk feeling because actually the sugar buzz had taken over. Oh my, I had a rough night from all that sugar but, it was good while it was happening. So there was lots of laughing, and talking about old times. Which was fun for me to hear because I hadn't heard these stories before. So it was just a lot of fun last night. Thanks to Tina and Jim. We loved your home.

So now it's Sunday morning. Putter got up early this morning and went with his brother and dad to a swap meet in Canby. I have not one smidgen of interest in that. It's always super cold and foggy at that swap meet. So I opted to stay home in the cozy of the house with my coffee and computer and two dogs. I am having a nice morning. I do hope you all had a good weekend. Until later.


JustMeShann said...

I like when you blog everyday, makes me smile and now I am slacking... I am glad you are having a wonderful weekend; you my dear deserve it:) Happy day, love ya, Shann

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I'm so ready Callie Ann. I'm so ready. :)

crazy working mom said...

Beautiful flower. That Mags is a keeper isn't she?! :)

I enjoyed my coffee and cozy home this morning too.

Angie said...

That photo is gorgeous! Makes me think of spring and the warmth that comes with it.

Today's low is going to be -1. I have no idea what the wind chill factor is but I'm sure it's at least -15. Yuck! Other than the weather being super cold my weekend was quite relaxing.

Anonymous said...

Lemon shooters eh? Sounds yummy indeed!!