Monday, March 31, 2008

A hell of a lot better

Well, I will tell you today which is Monday went a hell of a lot better than the previous 3 days of my life.

Got my attitude in check. Decided whatever the heck was bothering me really wasn't worth it.
Why did I waste my time,
Why did I mull it over in my Whacked brain..
Who knows but, thank goodness it is overwith.

Being Nutt's is no fun. Emotions will be the death of me. Seriously I don't think I am nutt's.

The saying goes,
"If you really think your crazy your not". But,
"If you think your perfectly normal then you really are crazy".... Bwahahahahaha..

Personally I think I am heading into Midlife crisis the Female Version.. I will tell you it is no fun.
I use to look at my mom and think "She is Wacked sometimes'... Now I feel I am the Wacked one. Thanks for the gift MOM..Not!!!

I will write more on this but, seriously right now I am having a HOT FLASH you know the kind where you feel the need to strip down to butt nakedness and throw yourself in a snow bank..

Wish I had a snow bank.. I am not kidding.. Later Peeps!!! Have a good tuesday.


Mo said...

Bessie says, "It's not a Hot Flash, it's a Power Surge!"

Get one of those little hand held battery operated fans from the drug store, and carry it with you!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

What Mo said. I so remember. I can tell you that eventually this will all pass. It takes a while, but it will pass. Thank the good Lord. Have a great day CallieAnnBrat. :)

CyberCelt said...

I had just read your post when I visited this blog and it had a post about hot flashes. So, I came back to let you know.

Good luck.

Mary said...

ahhh hot daily thing. only 20 more years, then i'll be done. woohoo!!!

Anonymous said...

i have plenty of snow for you, want a donation!! I am tired of the stuff and ready for SPRING!!!

Angie in AK

Amazing Gracie said...

Are you still thinking 'bout surgery? I had super hot flashes and after my surgery, they almost completely went away! And I was in the midst of menopause. I was on 12, yep, 12 meds before surgery and only 4 afterwards.
Also, being on Effexor has helped me with the mood swings. I still have them but less often. I can really be a cow when the fit hits the shan!
Give me an e-mail if you want to know more...