Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I took a Walk

I went for a walk last night, Doctors orders.... Well, I felt really great after wards... Well, when I woke up this morning this is what I looked like... WOW My dream come true... Why I never went for a walk earlier I have no idea.... So if your wanting a gorgeous bod.. Get up a walk
Whooooo Hooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Callie Ann after a Walk


Mags said...

I'm sure this post is funnier if I could see the picture, huh?

Now I'm very curious about what you looked like!! Way to go on taking that walk though girl!

Angela said...

Well now I'm jealous!!!! All I have to do is just walk to look like that?? *Thinking* wonder what I'd look like if I ran?? *LOL*.
Have a good one:-).

Mary said...

lol you freak


Sarge Charlie said...

be careful, one more walk and you will disappear

Amazing Gracie said...

So do I set the alarm for 3:00 am or what???