Sunday, April 06, 2008

#1,487,889. Night that I can't sleep

Yep it's another one of those. I love the picture of this little bear. Many a night Putter has come to bed only to find me laying upside down in the bed. For some reason when I can't sleep this happens. Sometimes I go to bed with my nighty on and wake up with it either off and on the floor or my arms out of it and it is wrapped around my head. What is going on? No one attacked me or tried to take my clothes off. I can't figure it out. It doesn't happen alot maybe once a month. But, it always makes me wonder. What do I think, what do I do when I am asleep. Putter is used to this. He just puts his C-pap machine on and drifts off to sleep. Lucky Ass

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Anonymous said...

Hey there girl! Thanks for the comments and good wishes. Things are going great for me. I just keep swimming ahead of the wave! Love the pick of Jack Pepper and Baby B. They are so cute! Spoil them rotten! Tell your Mom Happy Birthday for me.