Friday, April 04, 2008

Hoo Ha

Well, it's starting off as a rather interesting day.

First off it wasn't suppose to rain until later today... ARGH!!! and then that was suppose to be a rather light rain... Light rain my ass... I am sitting in my office with one of those damn annoying plastic, look at the moon sky light window things... Man the rain is loud.. Then on days when the sun comes out. That damn plastic just keeps on popping. Pop!!! "What the Hell was That"? Damn Sky light. ( Wow I just had an amazing amount of trouble spelling light) One of those annoying Senior moments crept in to my brain and Yelled... BOO!!!!! and then went off with a wicked laugh Bwaaaahahahahahaha..

Damn Senior Moments.. I am only 45 I don't need this grief...

Well, First thing this morning. One of the truckers called and claimed they were having a catastrophe...

Me: "What? , What is wrong??"
Driver: The Tranny has went out in the Peterbilt and I am sitting south of the terwillager curves."
Me: Oh Crap.. That is a dangerous place.. skinny road lots of accidents...
Driver: Yeah I know
Me: What seems to be the patients symptoms?
Driver: Truck tranny just grinds
Me: Ok I will dispatch the "what the hell are we going to do" crew on this.
Driver: Okay
Me: later

so that has been it.. The "what the hell are we going to do " crew just left and it's pouring which I already talked about..

So here I am alone at work, buying parts on eBay for the boss, watching a little Big Brother, doing entre card drops, I took the music off my blog for a bit... Someone complained.. Hmm pro and cons to all good things.

Oh Yeah The stupid boss, Yes stupid!!! called me last night at 11:00 pm and wouldn't shut up until 12:30am... So I am tired. What did he want? Nothing just talking crap about e bay stuff he wanted me to bid on.. Why can't he bid on them? Story's from his past.. What did I say? Hey I need to get off the damn phone I got to go to bed... That only seemed to whined him up more.
Good Grief... ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally after all my Oh's and AW Ha's I started yawning a ton... He was finally getting the message...But who really knows if he got the message.. He is kind of dumb that way... ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a Charlie Brown kind of moment.

That's my rambling.. Sorry if I bored you to tears... Get yourself a Kleenex and clean up... Have a good whatever...


Mo said...

Hoo Ha is what the Cat Blogosphere calls the boy-parts that get snipped, so that made me smile that you unintentionally titled your post Hoo Ha. :)

An hour and a half on the phone after 11pm? I woulda told him "shut up and go to bed!"

Hope the rest of your day is better!
PS: South of the Terwillager Curves would be a great title for a blog!

Angela said...

On days like this dont'cha just wish you could have a re-do? :-).

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

crazy working mom said...

I don't like music on blogs, so I'm glad you took it off. Most of the time I read while everyone's in bed. I try to keep the sound off, but on occasion when it is on sometimes you'll get blared out by music. I don't complain to those who have it, but I'm glad you took it off. :)

I hope that your Saturday is better than your Friday was.