Monday, May 19, 2008

Home Air conditioning Problems.

Maybe the air conditioning problem is the thermostat. It doesn't seem to make that little click noise now... hmmm could it be that, that is the problem. I will have to test it... hmmm thinking. Back to my other life, I would have had a tester but where would I put the points to test it. My choices

Process of elimination.

Checked all breakers.... good to go
Checked breaker out at unit... good to go
Thermostat... I could be way wrong but I am thinking that is the missing link...
No heat, no air, no fan.... Hmmm.

I will keep ya posted... If ya think of anything let me know... Oh yeah the system... the dreaded heat pump of the early 80's... hmm could it be old... Let's not think that way yet... CRAP!!!!!


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

sarge says something that is common to everything has failed. meaning wiring if circuit breaker is ok. cause the fan would work otherwise. hope it's nothing expensive. last year i had to replace the one in the condo and the one in podunk, they both crapped out and would cost almost as much to fix as replace and the one in podunk was only form 1993, the condo one was from 1976, it was really old!

good luck honey!
smiles, bee

Amazing Gracie said...

Get out the spit and bubblegum...
I hope it's something minor and not a wad of dough.
We just had our antique AC unit serviced while crossing our fingers!
This tin can I'm living in was built in '78 and I think the AC came with it. We got the Home Warranty and the AC is covered. I just hope to heck it doesn't die! I hate the heat so much! It is so early, too. Yuck, but the news says 75 by Wednesday!!!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I hope it isn't expensive to fix. We have ours serviced every year. I does make them last much longer. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Big hug. :)

Jerome said...

To clean the air-conditioner coils, make sure the power from the unit is disconnected first. Wet the area you are cleaning with a garden hose. Using gloves and safety glasses, spray the commercial air-conditioner cleaner (available at an HVAC supplier) onto the coils. Let it set for a short while and then rinse it down thoroughly with the garden hose.

This is what i did in and will always do on cleaning and maintaining my split system air conditioner at home.

Lorraine A. Maxwell said...

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