Saturday, May 17, 2008

Damn It's HOT

Gads!!! It's hot.. 100 degrees today again. The air conditioning pump went out in my old 1997 honda CRV... Gross. I am sure that will cost a pretty penny. Then the air at the house was having a hard time so... I opted for a cold shower.
Went up last night and rescued the Grand Kids they were up at Jessica's and it was hot up there to. So she went to the river with some friends and I watched the babies. They were good kids last night.
We watch on demand cable and watched all the Thomas the train shows we could find. He likes that show and one about a little dog named kipper.

Saturday today.. I went to the pharmacy and costco and home depot and tried to get it all done fast. I was done by 10:00am. Sweated like crazy by the time I got home. I need a swimming pool.

I was gonna go to the races tonight but, putter says gas is expensive and they are taking his dad's ford truck instead of the motor home. Oh well, I really was gonna go. So instead I think his mom and I will go see a movie in the nice air conditioning of the movie theater.

So that is my up to the minute update. Have a nice weekend.

Shannon... your hotter and were hotter than Vegas... Just talked to Aunt Pat a little bit ago.


crazy working mom said...

100° Really?! Wow. I'm inside in the AC here. But, I don't think it's that hot. Bless your heart. Come relax with me.

Linda said...

I had heard you guys were getting fried out there - glad I didn't pick this week to be on the West Coast!

Anonymous said...

I like the new (well it may not be new, i just haven't been around for awhile, sorry) look on you blog. Very pretty colors.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Tomorrow our temps go back to normal. It was indeed hot. We usually don't have to worry about those kinds of days until late June. :)