Wednesday, May 14, 2008


World Factors will effect my job.

See I work for a trucking company and the high price of fuel isn't being absorbed by our customers. Yeah, they will give you some relief but not enough to pencil out to where one can pay the overhead, let alone get ahead. So getting ahead is put on hold. Just rolling the dollars around.

Well, seems as if what I have told the boss for the last four years is coming to light. Get the hell out or start working harder. Hmm. I have one of those bosses that when stuff happens it's everyone else problem and not a consequence of his actions. I call bull on that. If he is the top, it's his bus to drive, all I can do is advise and hope he listens. Well, he didn't listen. So my job may becoming to a halt. When probably after summer.

As my job of #1 bean counter is seeing the pot of beans is turning to refrieds. If I have a job after summer it will be a miracle. The laws of economics's says not. But, who is to say. I have no degree but I do have years of living and watching and learning. Yeah, I do pay attention. Hmm Interesting to see what will happen don't ya think.

I will be positive and sharpen up my resume. Maybe go into a new avenue. Wish there was really a way to make real money on the net. But, alas to many scams to make it real. I do love number crunching. It makes my day cruise by at an alarming rate. Maybe I will do bookkeeping from home and hire myself out. But, then I do like to get out everyday. Sometimes I think working from home would make me nutt's. I got to have a reason to get dressed everyday and put on makeup and feel good. Interact with peeps ya know.

Hmmm guess I have time to plan. Was thinking about flipping a house earlier but with the housing market going creepy. I don't think that is a great idea at the time at least not here anyway. There are just to many brand new house's, no one has bought up yet.

So we dredge on an wonder to ourselves what will happen to this country? Who will lead us into the next decade thru all the turmoil?

Enough of that depressing thinking. Maybe the sun will shine in Oregon tomorrow.
Have a happy day!!!


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

well callieannbratgirlfriend, i did accounting for nigh on thirty years myself, i started when the ledgers were these huge books and learned computers myself. the first year i went to computers i kept the books for all the companies i did on BOTH cause i didn't trust the computers! ha ha, the next year i dropped the big books and never looked back. well, the reason for telling you all this is i did books for lots of companies back in the olden days and they were mostly small companies that didn't have enough income or need for full time work, i would go to their office like one day a week, heck i even had a big church as a client. anyway maybe you could start an accounting business from home, there are lots of write offs! if you have any interest it is pretty easy to get started too...

smiles, bee

Sandy B & Dick said...

Listen to Miss Bee; she knows what she is talking about! It's good that you are trying to plan ahead, just in case. Good luck, sweetie.

Mo said...

I don't know how truckers are making it.
The guy who makes my soy candles is a trucker, and used to do only regional routes - now he's having to take cross-country jobs and being away from his kids for weeks at a time to make ends meet.
And our gas prices were $3.79 here last night = and $3.89 a gallon here this morning!
Holy expletive deleted, how is the little person supposed to stay sane?
I think we're all gonna go on big rants like CallieAnnBrat and just go nutts.

crazy working mom said...

These high fuel prices are down right scary, Callie Ann!! It is affecting everything. I worry about the future as well.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Out on the water gasoline is almost $5 a gallon. It's really bad. I hope you don't lose your job, but Empress Bee has some good points. Just saying. Have a great day honey. :)