Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pink EYE

Old Jack Pepper has got the Pink Eye.

What started out as an early to bed night seemed to turn itself into an up all night. Whew, Jess called at midnight thinking I was still up to ask me if I could watch Jack today which turned into a never mind because he has pink eye and I have to take him to the doctors. Then onto okay goodnight again. Then the phone rang at 1:30 am. Jack had woken up eye's glued shut telling his mom his eyes hurt. So off to emergency she went. Evidently his case is so bad, if she had waited until to day he may have had vision damage. Wow, call me stupid, but I didn't know it could get that bad. Wow, what a night. Got back to sleep around 4:00am to be awoken by the wayward hungry dog that always woofs at me at 5:00 am. "Hey, get up old lady, it's time to eat". So I was onery, I just put them in the kitchen (no food) and shut the gate... hee hee hee... They got to eat at 6:00 am instead. Oh the tragedy's of being a dog.

By the way Jess, always call mom, it's fine. I am not complaining!!! Love ya Kid


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I hope Jack Jack is going to be okay. Yikes honey. That stuff is indeed awful. Sounds like you didn't get a lot of rest. Have a great day honey. Big hug. :)

Star8278 said...

Poor kid. I didn't know it could get that bad either. Does she have to worry about the baby catching it now too?

Mags said...

Oh! Poor little guy. :( I hope he's feeling better and that his Nana got some rest today too.

Mo said...

Aw poor Jack Jack!
Pink eye sucks!