Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Nothing really

It's still cold here a whopping 58 today. Wow, I am gonna overheat.
Today was busy at work. Phones ringing, Fax working, emails flying inbox and outbox, Working finance deals, Requesting bids, Scheduling deliveries, chauffeuring other workers who have no drivers license. Driving 100 miles round trip to pick up broken farm parts, talking to ODOT to get farm permits for the season. Requesting monies from overdue accounts. Talking to automatic phone calls that try to convince you how much you need them. Gads I hate those. If I am in a mood I usually just give the phone a finger gesture. The boss was out driving truck so I didn't have him hanging over my shoulder. That made my way alot easier. So I had no time for my real job which is book work...I really do love the busy days. These will be my days most summer days. I usually manage to work 7 days a week thru summer. It just happens that way. It's busy season. I have to manage workers who don't show up in the thick of the season. Have to find new people and shuttle them out to the fields. It can get wild.

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Mo said...

What are they gonna do without you???