Monday, August 04, 2008

It ain't working, I ain't playing no more

I did what you told me ..
I sent the email to 10 people like you said .
I'm still waiting for that miracle to happen!

To all my friends who in the last year sent me best 'wishes', chain letters, 'angel' letters or other promises of good luck if I forwarded something,


For the rest of 2008, could you please just send money, tequilla, chocolate, movie tickets or gasoline vouchers and airline tickets instead?

Thank you!


JustMeShann said...

AhhhhhhHaaaaaa!!!! That's Funny!!! You make me smile girl friend!!!! LOL!!! Funny, Funny Girl!!! I love the choice and the order they are in!!!! Hee! :o) Where's the Sex!!!!! Oh ya, that comes with the Takillya & Chocolate!!!! LoL!!!
Love ya, Shann

Ms. Orange said...

LOLOL!!!! Lovely post great idea!?! I'm sending this post to all my friends who've been sending me chain letter!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Bwahahahahahaha. I love it CallieAnnBratGirlfriend. You crack me up. Have a great day. Big hug and lotsa lovies. :)

crazy working mom said...

Girl, you crack my stuff up!!!

Send me some chocolate if you get extras. ;)

Mo said...

Sending virtual chocloate...
that pic of you is too funny!

Christine said...

ROFL! Now we need to make that a chain letter. :) Thanks for the laugh!