Monday, September 01, 2008

Dumb are some.

Shut Up and Get A Clue!

John McCain’s decision to cancel all but necessary ceremonies at the Republican convention this week drew respectful notice from both parties . It was, simply put, the right thing to do. McCain knows that there are more important things going on in the country than his own glorification.

So how come the protesters gathered in the Twin Cities did not get the message? Hurricanes in our Gulf coast or not, they’re determined to march, make noise, get themselves arrested, and generally call attention to their various complaints. They are destroying property, disturbing people, acting like pure asses with no respect for anyone or anything. Because in my opinion they are self serving. It amazes me at the maturity level they are blessed with not to mention the way they display a perfect example of keeping peace. Isn't their message all about stop the war, keep the peace?

Would not their efforts be put to better use if, for example, they called off their protests, and tried to do some good for the victims of the hurricane? Their favorite thing to yell at the media is "the blood is on your hands" and then flip off the camera's. Boy, that makes everyone want to support their cause.


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

lefty loons honey. pure and simple. and simple minded as well. i just ignore them and don't even watch.

smiles, bee

Laura said...

I was thinking of this today. Seems weird that people that are protesting a WAR acts so silly themselves.

Angie said...

I firmly believe in the right to protest, which I believe is covered under the first amendment, however there is a right way and a wrong way.

Hold your signs, march, feel free to chant and sing but for God sakes leave your knives, axes and bomb-making materials at home.

*Just a side note here:
152 people were arrested during the DNC last week.

Callie Ann said...

I agree we got the right to Protest, but proper places times and also manners.. those are just my thoughts.. I haven't been into the news until the last couple of days cause work has been so intense the last couple months. I had no idea that, that went on at the DNC.

Amazing Gracie said...

Hah! The police in Denver actually had a "jail" built for the expected loonies at the DNC. There wasn't as much trouble as they had anticipated, but it also rained one day.
And, this is the same bunch of so-called Anarchists that spend their time protesting all over the world at different events. Like Bee said, they're simple minded - I'll add idiots.