Friday, September 05, 2008

Weird News in the Headlines

Go Ahead Click on the links for a few weird, stupid, shake your head kind of stories that made the headlines... yeah I kind of spiced up the headlines... but heck it's in the story!

Armed Man having copious amounts of sex, steels condoms and Energy Drinks. Be damned that Wheel Chair.

Man gets 12 years for trying to put a noose around wife's neck as part of a halloween prank

Truth is he really wanted to kill her, he said it was easier than getting a divorce.

Man discovers innovative way to have wife give him sex and keep the house clean! who knew??

Buddhist Monk in Japan attempts to kill Hornets in his temple, then re-introduced to that biotch called Karma!

Second time in a month a person dies over fast food incident in St. Louis, don't you ever forget to order my Big Mac with no pickles..... or " I kill you"....


Ivanhoe said...

You found some weirdoes, that's for sure :o)
Come on over when you have a minute, I have something pretty for you ;o)

FRIGGA said...

Wow - okay I'm going to have to read some of those, I hadn't heard of any of them!!

By the way - your magic 8 ball told me "Better Not Tell You" Why not, who else would it tell MY answer to? arg! ;-)

Happy Rockin' Friday!! :)

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Killing someone over a hamburger? Yep, there are some real winners out there and you've hooked us up with just a small percentage of them. Have a great day and weekend. :)