Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A halloween diddy I just wrote..

On all hallows eve the wind whistle's through the leafless branches of the old oak trees.

It's a scary whistle, chills ya to the bone. Makes the hair on your neck stand up.. you can feel your being watched... and you are...

You can see the black cats roaming the neighborhoods with their watchful eyes.

The witches of modern day are happy as can be because Halloween will be their holiday.

All the rats have burrowed deep under ground, their wish not to be part of a witch's brew.

The zombies are excited because the Halloween night will be soon and they can roam with all the trick or treaters. No one will assume that they are what they are. Mummy's, Ghost and rattling skeletons abound.

All the pumpkins are sad because they have all been hollowed out.. what a tragedy you can see it on the pumpkin faces... the gloom and doom of it all..

Even spiders and snakes fear this night...

Because do you realize how many cavities come from this holiday.. nothing worse than a snake with a cavities in his fang...


Anonymous said...

...and a snake that has to go to the dentist for an appointment is not a happy one...YIKES!

Happy Halloween!


(that's a bat!)

Amazing Gracie said...

Nor is the dentist happy that he is going to treat a snake!
You're getting jiggy wit' it, girl!