Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A little Family Bit

This is Bert Long at the age of 90. My Grandfather

I recently went to California with my mom to check up on the Old People..My grandparents. Grandpa is 90 and Grandma is 80 something. I can't remember, at that age who really cares. They need excitement in their lives. I think they are bored to death. No one visit's on a daily basis. All their friends and siblings are all passed on. Our family is scattered all over the country now.

I really don't think I want to live to be that old. I think the biggest deal of the day is when the Newspaper arrives. What the hell good is retirement if you don't do anything with it. My Grandparents have some money, not a ton, but some. Grandpa was raised during the depression so he won't let loose of any. They need a TV really bad, I mean bad... They need a new car. The one they have is horrid and Grandpa still drives his chevy truck from 1971. He has replaced the motor 4 times and 2 tranny's... My point is enjoy yourself. Why do they insist on taking the money to the grave. They need to enjoy life...Grandma loves to go to Las Vegas but this year a trip never worked out. Hopefully in June we will all go down there. I hate the casino's, but I love the swimming pool at my Aunt's house...

This picture below is my two Cousin's Richie and Denny. They help grandpa with Wood and Taking the Garbage down.. They are some good kids... even though they are 29 and 27 or something like that!

Well that is enough chatter from me today. Halloween is Friday and guess what, it's gonna rain... Who Knew???


Anonymous said...

Bert is a handsome guy!

It's a generational thing. My dad was the same way.

Mo said...

I don't want to live til 90 either.
If I'm "middle-aged" now, that means 82 (double 41, right?)
That's plenty old, thanks.

I'm glad your grandparents have the boys to look after them and take out their garbage!

Yesterday we had snow and sleet - today in the 50's... by Friday it's supposed to be in the 60's (but they're trick or treating on Thursday night here - weirdos!)


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I agree that retired folks need things to do. Hubby and I are spending our sons inheritance. I can't imagine sitting around waiting for the newspaper.

It's good that the boys help out though. They should too.

Have a great day honey. Big hug and tons of lovies. :)

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i don't know, sometimes i like to wait for the newspaper and do the puzzles. i don't need much excitement. well except for cruising and stuff. maybe they would like that?

smiles, bee

Ivanhoe said...

I'm with you! When I retire, I better have my 401k ready and let's travel and have some fun :o)

FRIGGA said...

Your post makes me miss my Grandma. We may have argued over politics, but I miss driving her to the polls to "cancel out" my vote ;)

Brandi said...

Hey Callie,

Nice to see Grandpa Bert, he was always so good to us as kids. He looks good, and his smile and twinkling eyes are the same too. Thanks for sharing.
Hugs from Ohio, Brandi

Amazing Gracie said...

I can feel it comin' on. I say things now that I never would before because I don't care what people think about me. That could be dangerous...
And no, I don't think I want to live that long - especially with the weirdness going on in the US. And I don't want my kids having to change my Depends!
Wally's older sister and her husband were blessed, in a way. They were in a horrible car accident and died together, never knowing what hit them. Now, that would be a blessing to me!
~~~More Blessings~~~

Linda said...

Your grandfather looks like a great guy. Very grandfatherly!

I don't really think I want to live to be 90 myself, I really don't - especially considering I still won't be able to afford to retire by then and I'll be damned sick of working at that age!