Saturday, November 08, 2008

My Friend Claire talks Brit

So I was going through my Google reader and looking up stuff that Claire shares. I am not a good google reader catcher upper because look how old her post was. Well one thing I came across is a post she had wrote for the blog British Speaking.

Anywho, When I went on Beach Bitch Vacation to Rhode Island in September, I met Claire. This girl is awesome, she is so damned funny and the little story she wrote below is really how she talks. She is now a wonderful friend of mine. She is in England where she lives right this minute drinking coffee, cruising on the net or doodling, (She Doodles lots of Boobs also so you can see how we get along so swell) and freezing to death..

She hates the rain and the cold and the gloom. She is one of the funniest people I know. A true Sweet heart... She taught me the word BOG means Toilet... Bwahahahahahaha Bog paper etc. Hope you enjoy her as much as I do..

crap the font is all screwed up and I can't get it to work right... I think Claire hexed me cause I did this... AWWWWWW I might have fixed it now the font, but I am unsure.

Grabbed this article from this Blog
British Speak

For more fun with Claire this is her Blog... CLAIRE

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Story with the rude words

I was getting ready for a night out on the tiles, adjusting my boobs in the mirror whilst wondering if I looked to much like a slapper. Surely there is no such thing as too much cleavage?
There was a noise outside so I looked out the window and saw an old man having a wank in the bushes, dirty bugger!
I must look like a right slag if I am having that affect on the elderly, should I get changed? No way!

Once I arrived at the pub there was not much talent about, just that weird looking fella who always looks like a ponce in that ruddy awful pink shirt and gold medallion. I hope no one ever finds out about me snogging him last Christmas, I had consumed more than one sherbet that night.

As the night wore on I was whingeing to my mates that the only half decent looking bloke in the place was that wanker from last week who made a total pratt of himself dancing with his todger between his legs and singing to ABBA and the one that was currently being a total wally by drinking his own sick for a tenner.

So what is a girl to do?

This is a totally true story, I would never take the piss out of you or anyone else by posting a pack of lies.


Claire said...

Blooming heck, your a right daft sod posting all this bollocks.

Marilyn said...

Does she ever translate to... er, English?

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...


smiles, bee

crazy working mom said...

*LOL* She's a hoot isn't she?!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

What did Red say honey? I didn't get any of it. Big hug. :)