Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blahity blah blah

So another day closer to Christmas...... It's a frozen tundra up here in the Northwest.

I am looking for something easy to make for Christmas morning to feed the troops. Any ideas? Any one... Maybe something I make the night before to just be thrown in the oven ;)

Looks like work will be slim for Putter and I until after the new year. He has a mandatory two weeks to take off. I on the other hand could work but I just plain don't feel like it. I should work but I lack motivation.

The new puppy is doing good in the potty training department. Peanut has showed Ozzy just how much fun you can have out in the snow in the freezing rain.
I got them a Moose to play with, The moose currently now has only one antler... OOPS... now I got sew it up..

I keep saying I am working on my Christmas Cards... what a joke seems I just keep on looking at them. What is that all about. I lost my address book for a while. Now I have found it again after searching low and high for 2 hours...

Seems that is all I got at the moment. Got to make an appointment for the docs seems I have a sinus infection... I loose my voice everyday now.. Good for some people I am sure... I seem to type more than I speak thou.

A friend of mine says Twitter is Silly. Well I suppose they are right, but I have fun and so do the rest of you the Twit... Keep on twitting...

That's All Folks!!!

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Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Something easy for Christmas morning? I don't cook honey. Well just Thanksgiving and Christmas. I could ask hubby. Where the heck is he?

Good on Ozzie. He sure is a cutie pie.

Get those cards out honey. If you wait much longer you will be early for next years Christmas cards.

Have a terrific day. :)