Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shoe throwing ?

I can't help it everytime I see this clip I am glad the president is a fast thinker... Duck Dude
It just makes me laugh.. I realize it's not funny. But when my grandma use to get mad at us kids... Off came the slipper and it would whirl at us.. bwahahahahaha... that is what it reminds me of... Have a great Tuesday!!!

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Anonymous said...

Regardless of who it is, you don't go doing that to a world leader... it shames me to think some fellow Americans think he "deserved" it. Even though I'm not nuts about our president-elect, I wouldn't wish harm on him or his family...nor a shoe throwing.

I gotta admit that President Bush had pretty good reflexes, didn't he? Glad he's okay and could laugh it off.