Thursday, December 11, 2008

it's one of them there rantings.

Finally, I think all my on-line shopping is done. It's actually my favorite way to shop. I hate going into the stores. To many people, to little parking spots. To much time wasted standing in line. To many things to distract me from my purpose. HA! Humbug list that was.

Well, It's Raining, soon to be snowing in a couple days. We are in the 40's now, soon to be in the Tweens. I don't think Ozzy will be happy when we are in the tweens next week. His Pee-pee will freeze. Eeck!

I was awoken at 6:30am this morning.. ugh! Putter's phone decided to call me. No one was close to the phone on the other end. I just heard people talking saying "yeah my wife is probably laying in bed also"... Duh! your 3 hours ahead of us in Florida you Dorky guys! Anyway, that one sided conversation bored me quickly so I hung up. Then it was over, the Dogs decided it was Pee-pee time s, My sleeping slumber was over. :( I was sleeping good also. No, crazy thoughts were racing through my head. It was wonderful.

Uh-O Ozzy just banged his head on my desk... I think it rung his bell. He better calm down. I think he thought he was killing something. You know how they grab something and act like they are going to break it's neck. Well, that piece of paper didn't have a chance in hell of coming out of that fight with out many injury's.

That's all for the moment.. see ya around Peeps! :)


FRIGGA said...

Back in the early days of cell phones I received a 15 minutes voicemail that consisted of my sister and her then toddler daughters in a store somewhere. For a while I kept waiting for her to start talking to me - what a waste of minutes!

WhoooHooooo for getting restful sleep and having a cute playful puppy to wakeup to!! :)

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

My first comment didn't go through for some reason. I think Blogger burped or something.

I'm sorry that you were awakened so early this morning. I hate that. That's the best sleep of the night if you ask me.

Poor Ozzie. He'll learn what to attack and what not to attack in due time. He sure is a cutie pie.

Glad you got your shopping done. Ours is all done too. I'm thrilled about that.

Have a terrific day honey. Big hug. :)

Anonymous said...

Hubby's phone used to call Mabel ALL THE TIME. She was the first number in his phone book. It got to be a running joke.

Puppies...too funny...

Star8278 said...

I hate those phone calls... I had two last week as I was trying to get ready for work.

And a dreadful one years ago from my Ex's phone while he was supposed to be somewhere else, from the background conversation I could tell where he was, who he was with and what they were talking about was some hot girls in the casino. Needless to say he got an earful when he got back.