Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So soon it is going to be Christmas

Only 15 days left.

I love Christmas. I like seeing Family. Talking with far away family on the telephone. Buying the kids presents, sending Christmas Cards... The winter bite in the air.

I never seem to decorate anymore, cause frankly we are never home for Christmas.. we go to mom's, who decorates every room basically. Putter's mom decorates to the hilt and we go there also. Seems ever since I had kids we have went to several places on the day of Christmas. The only time we never did that was when Family came to Oregon. Decades ago it seems.

So It's cool for me.

It's great because of the grand kids now. But, My Favorite was when my kids were little. It was so much fun and so exciting to see what Santa dropped off. I miss those days.


Amazing Gracie said...

We used to go to my mom's, then after she died, my SIL kept up the tradition. Now that the kids are all gone, with families and in-laws,
we're very seldom all together anymore at Christmas. I hung some lights last year, but I doubt I'll do a thing this year...I'm a grinch.
Have a blessed Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait until there's kids at home. Maybe then I'll get my childhood wonder and spirit back...