Saturday, May 16, 2009


Some of these quiz, tests what the heck ever you wanna call them.. CRACK ME UP!!! My Results... out of the Muppets they say I am Janice... Who the Hell is Janice????

Callie completed the quiz "Which Muppet are you?" with the result Janice.
Well, aren't you just the coolest cat on the block? You ooze confidence and are very comfortable with who you are. A trend setter without trying to be, you often have a look and attitude that people want to copy. Because of your mellow demeanor, you fit in with everyone, and you fit in well. You don't try to put yourself in the spotlight, but the spotlight can sometimes find you, which is something you handle well..

Well Dang things can be amazing :)


Asara Dragoness said...

Janice was in Animal's band XD She had a "it's cool, man" kind of hippie voice. Odd that they'd put her in a quiz though, she wasn't really on much!

Mo said...

If you have the Muppet Show on DVD, in the first season the band was on more than in later seasons. Janice was a mellow cool dudette.
Just like you.