Saturday, May 16, 2009

Yep I am one of those

Can't help it. I just love this guys voice... Nice and Raspy and so Sexy. Yeah he got 3rd place but he is the one I like.. Not Adam. Yuck... Danny Gokey is his name.. In my opinion he is so hot looking. Makes a girl Drool. :)

Go Ahead click the video if you dare
Yeah the Quality is crap but ya know he is the second voice in the song..


Jolene said...

I agree Callie! I think he was the best! Alex and I haven't been watching AI hardly this season, but he was our pick right from when we saw him during the auditions. I was sad to hear he was out :(

Linda said...

Hey! Watch it on the yuck for Adam there, woman! He's been my fave all season but that's probably because I live with a kid who does her make-up and hair a lot like he does!

Danny and Adam were in two completely different classes when it came to their music and I'm sure that Danny will have a music career when all is said and done, he was too good not to.

Kris is pretty hot, too, and a darned good singer to boot. Just ask Tisha!

Mo said...

I've never seen AI, but I agree that this dude is hotter than Adam.