Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ah I miss the good men.

What has happened to the good breed of men, who were competent, they could fix anything just about. A jack of all trades. Need a faucet fixed.. they were on it. They were not afraid of anything.. maybe and electrical job or something of the nature. But all in all pretty good decent men. They were not afraid of a little yard work.. damn

I bring this to the forefront. Because once again we are looking for farm help. All there is, is what I call Bottom Feeders. No common sense.. Check the oil in something... they look and say yep it is empty.. oh well and drive away... WHAT!?!?!?!?!?  WTF?!?! I have never seen such a bunch of imcompetatant people in my life. Every year that we look for people it still shocks me. How in the hell have these people got this far in the game of life. They are worthless. See, that is a lousy thing for me to say about someone but it is true. No Work Ethics whatsoever..... A bunch of Lazy Whining so and so's. Another thing why are they so afraid of taking a bath? They stink horribly.. it can be nauseating. You know when you drive down the road and you pass a Milk Farm or a Chicken Ranch and it stinks clear up to the heavens.. That is these guys. ICKY!!!! It is horrid when I have to drive these guys to the field... why, cause none of them have driver's licensce... they all have a story to some reason or another why they can't have one.. But, yet LiL Hitler let's them drive Powerful Tractors.. I so disagree with the practice's that have become the standard here at my job.  That is my Vent. Yes I posted it at work but seems I don't get breaks or a lunch or anything.. it is just go, go, go, around here in the summer... I love my job when I am busy. Really I Do.. Have a good day ya'll

Then just very minute we hired a guy to drive truck for the summer. Claims he knows how to adjust brakes on a trailer... I don't think so.. They were double decked. He didn't make sure they were tight and almost lost the set. It shifted lose from the pin.. Good GOD!!!  "This is why I color my hair, I am pretty sure"


Sandee said...

Down here you can't get these guys to work. Just saying. I don't know what's happening either.

Have a great day. Big hug. :)

star8278 said...

I imagine they are all alot like my brother, age wise they are just not mature and don't take any responsibility for their actions. So sad.
The future of this country, so sad.

Amazing Gracie said...

I'll give my son your phone number. He's 42 and can't hold down a job. Oh, I forgot! I don't even know where he is....(sarcasm). Idiot.

Sandy B said...

Work ethics and hygiene...where are they? Gone are the days when this was taught it seems. My kids sure got a good dose of that!