Saturday, July 18, 2009

Do I Blog Anymore?

That is the Question? I need to Blog.. why I don't know, but I need to..

I keep spending all my time on Face Book... Seems I do mindless things on there.

Checked out a new Photo Blog Site Today.. I really like it.

On that site I am
but then I am callieannbrat.... something something something.. every where.

We are in Full Season in the farming.. today a field caught on Fire.. The Fire Department came with there big giant Fire Truck and caught itself on fire from the Grass Field.. Burned all the hoses and wiring etc. on the Truck.. Yikes.. That was a SKEERY deal.

Let's see, shows I have been watching.. Why do you care? Well, I was trying to think of something to say..

HBO  Trueblood, Hung
Showtime  Nurse Jackie, Weeds, After Dark
CBS  Big Brother 11
Fox News

They say next week we will have 100+ degree temps.. (Weather Report Complete)

Got any questions or comments.. feel free to ask.


Cole said...

Hey Callie, are you on the feeds this season?? I'm not on much, work overnights but sneak a peak as much a possible on my nights off, lol. I love your blog, pics of your grands are fantastic! Miss you my friend!
NCole (BB) this year it's NColeSC

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

did you get a photo of the firetruck burning? that would make the rounds on the internet wouldn't it? man...

smiles, bee

Linda said...

Sometimes it's just easier to NOT blog then it is TO blog - especially when it comes to being a reader and commenter on other's blogs.

Well, that and those mindless Facebook games just drag us in, don't they??

Linda said...

Oh, there's a hug for you from Lois over on my blog!