Sunday, August 30, 2009

Awww I love Sundays

It is a Sunday morning. I have the morning news on in the background. They are reporting on the fires in California. Ugly things they are.

I have my coffee with a vanilla nut creamer in it. Black is not my coffee habit.
The dogs are spread out on the floor enjoying the cool morning. The Man of the house is asleep in bed still. He has had a busy week with his brother's race car adventures. I like it when he slows down enough to rest. I have missed him dearly this last week. I have the windows open. It's a grey day outside in the sky. I can feel the morning dew in the air. I really enjoy Sunday mornings.

Got to see my grandkids last evening. I love them little kids. Smiles all around after bath time. They love their bath time. I love it cause they are clean and much more fun to snuggle with. Eww I love hugs.

Went yesterday with my mother in-law and saw the movie... The time travelers wife. It was an interesting movie. My parents are leaving in the morning to go visit my brother in Illnois for 10 days.

Other than that I do hope I feel as mellow as I do now for the rest of the day. Have a great Sunday everyone!


Anonymous said...

Sundays are the best!
Hope you enjoy yours as well.

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

awww girlfriend, i miss you!

smiles, bee

Traveling Bells said...

Now my day is about to get lazy...