Friday, August 28, 2009

The Old Ambulance Driver

OH My Gosh... so I am here going along in life.. someone visits my sight from an old blog I use to go to an Ambulance Driver guy... well the post that the person visiting me from just happen to be one from clear back in 07... omg.. I forgot all about the old Penis name tester... below is what the Ambulance Driver wrote about me... Anyway I am cracking up.. some of the stuff I write or use to write is way scary.. my goodness.. I need to find myself from back then again... LOL :)~

Sunday, April 15, 2007
From the 'This Isn't Nearly As Bad As It Sounds Department'...
I was surfing blogs from the Reciprocal Blogroll last night before going to bed, and I happened upon Callie Ann's blog. She writes about what most personal bloggers do - her home, her life and family, scrapbooking, whatever crosses her mind. Also, the avatar on her blog apparently hunts and pecks on the little cartoon laptop with just her left hand.

I don't know about you guys, but I gotta admire a woman who would choose as her very own, an Avatar with right hemiplegia. Callie Ann, you're all right in my book.

Anyhoo, Callie Ann had on her blog one of those silly little random poll/meme/time waster things in the form of an Online Penis Name Generator . I typed my name in the thing, clicked the button and imagine my surprise when the generator came up with the perfect name for my Little Friend...

"Beefy McManstick."


I like this thing already. I had no idea the generator algorithms were so sophisticated as to be able to generate such an accurate Talleywhacker Moniker based up nothing more than my first name.

But then I was crushed to discover that Callie Ann's penis name is Dirk Diggler, and she doesn't even have a penis. So fearing that this penis name generator thing wasn't all that sophisticated and might in fact be - *gasp* - entirely random, I swallowed the dread in my soul and tried it again, and this time came up with...

"Gummy Worm."


I'm sticking with the original results, dammit.

So anyhoo, I dropped some comments at Callie's blog and told her how brave she was trying out an online penis name generator on herself when she didn't even have a penis, and that I had tried to find an online vagina name generator without success, and that instead I had thought of a good name for my own Hypothetical Hoo Ha.

Here is Callie's reply in my comments today:


Got your Address from Loving Annie's site. Your blog is awesome. I love the way the converstations go. Also, you have a great name for your Penis. Ethel sounds really good also. I could not find a test for the Vagina but I am sure one is out there. Thanks for stopping by and the link here.

Callie Ann

Soooo, Mister Callie Ann's Husband, you can see how this whole thing is perfectly innocent, right? Right?? Hello???

Me and my Beefy McManstick are just gonna go crawl into a hole now...

Here is the link to his site... he is a funny guy

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Sandy B said...

Hahaha...what a way to jump start my morning!