Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Jotting Down of Stuff

As I jot down the list of things to do to get ready for something I am never ever ready for in the first place. I just got skeered!!!
Jack and Brighton...1 sleeping, 1 not..

  • wrap the present I have bought for the Grandkids
  • Whatever will I get Putter, every thing he wants is way over my budget, I really want to get him a new exhaust fan for his bathroom. But, that is like so uncool.. but I sure would like it.. LOL
  • I want to bake, but I can't seem to get off my butt.
  • for the second year in a row, could be more years I am uncertain. I have Christmas cards waiting to receive some hand written love... I will call them Holiday Cards once again.. I hope they make it to their destination this year... GADS
  • I have more shopping to do for gifts... this is a slim jim Christmas around here. Gonna be tough. What to get those 2 kids of mine is going to be tough.. It's like what don't they need.
  • I wish my Scentsy Check would show up.. that would help.
  • I have not been feeling well this last week... my best friend seems to be a toilet. Blechhhh
  • I need to go to Walgreens this morning... I had a big reason and now of course I can't remember why at all, for the life of me.
  • well I guess now that my memory has left the room. I am finished... DRAT

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