Monday, December 21, 2009

monday... more later

It's getting colder by the hour around here today.. it was 50 this morning now we are down to 47... there is a slim chance in hell they say that we may get snow tonight... I ain't crossing nothing. I liked the last couple of warm days after that Arctic Blast that hung out for over a week... And yes, just got the electric bill... It doubled in that time zone.. crap...

The dogs went to the groomers this morning.. so they will be sleeping close to me tonight on account of freezing to death. I still feel yucky. Seriously yucky... I have Christmas Shopping to do... ideas I have some... no big deal although I really think I want a big old 4 wheel drive truck so I can sit up high and see the people below on the ground.. I seriously thought about a convertible sports car... decided against it.. I could get run over.. :)

I am the lone idiot at work today. All other idiots have no show, no call, who cares mode going on... So I finished my major work..


Amazing Gracie said...

Boy, you're blogging! That's more than I'm doing...
Just thought I'd check out my favorite folks and say "hi," although you and I manage to chat on FB..
love ya,

Linda said...

Sorry to hear that you've been feeling yucky and I sure hope you're feeling better soon.

I know it's not warm for you guys but I'd be thrilled with 50 degrees right now myself - or even 47! Hell, I'd take 37 if they offered it!