Saturday, October 23, 2010

I often wonder

Got these off of  PostSecret

I messed with college here and there. Where would I be if I had went to the 4 year thing or the 8 year thing? Would I be happy? Would I be miserable? Would life be different? Well yeah it would be different. But, I have went thru some really lousy times in my life. But, overall I think I did the right thing. What was that you may ask. Had Kids 2 of em. I love em like crazy and now I have 2 grandchildren. So all in all I am gonna say I made the right choice for me... I would of hated to have felt like these peeps that sent those post cards to post secret.

Have a Nice Late Saturday night or Sunday :)

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Linda said...

I haven't even finished my Associate's Degree yet and that's a lousy two-year degree which won't get you a thing these days so I figure why bother finishing it?

If I had it to do over I think I would have loved to have been a history teacher or even a lawyer (I love arguing when there's a point to it!) but for the most part, I think I took the path that I was supposed to. I would have preferred to have not taken a couple side trips off of that patch but whatchagonnado?

Nice to see you blogging again my dear!