Friday, October 22, 2010

Boring Food Funk (Taco's) :)

I am so dang bored of food right now... Seems all I ever want to eat is a TACO! That's it nothing else. I Can't even figure out what to cook... I need an attitude cooking change or something. I don't even want to do a drive thru deal, not even go out to dinner. Everything sounds dull!

Work is pure stupid right now. I have become a Research Engineer. The Task trying to figure out what this customer of ours is paying on. Good Grief everything is Harry Karry!!! My Brain Hurts... I get to work tomorrow also because this has become a Challenge to me to figure this out. I wonder if they have figured out they keep paying for the same stuff? Wonder where their Office Person's Head has been.
Well have a good Friday Evening!

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Linda said...

Tacos? Did someone say tacos??