Friday, November 12, 2010

Generations of fun

Justin Above One of Many Rigs he has built, broke, modified to infinity
Below My Brother Jake...One of Many Rig he has, built, broke, modified to infinity also.
Nope, Justin wasn't raised around his Uncle...but you wouldn't know it. I really think it is a Genetic thing
both these pics were taken at the Rubicon in Calfornia... But the one below was in 1997 and the one above 2010.  Nothing much changed... I love both these guys and I love the fact they live life how they please.
Now my Dad is in to the Out doors also and he has a dune buggy that he wheels and keeps right up with these two yahoo's.... but I don't got a pic of that. I will see if I can find one... Happy Friday


Traveling Bells said...

You only go around once, so ya might as well enjoy!

Smiles and hugs...

Lynzi said...

Feeling dumb/silly.

Just realized YOUR DAD IS UNCLE BUD!

I love that man!

We need a family reunion. A.SAP.