Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Mom and Dad Gatlin at work in Arizona

3/22/2012 6:01:00 AM
Organizations: Laureate-Quilt Laureate Beta Epsilon 

Laureate-Quilt Laureate Beta Epsilon: The Laureate Beta Epsilon Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi Sorority presented an Arizona Centennial Quilt to the Mohave Museum of History and Arts to be used as a fundraising project. All proceeds of the raffle will be used to improve the Museum's outdoor exhibits. The quilt was created by Marsha Gatlin, president of the Laureate Beta Epsilon, and her husband Bud. It features official Arizona Centennial materials with cactus blossoms, saguaro cactus and Arizona State flags. The quilt is on display at the Mohave Museum of History and Arts, 400 W. Beale St., Kingman. Raffle tickets are available in the Museum Gift Shop and from sorority members. The drawing will be held at the annual Mohave Museum Wine and Cheese Tasting event on Friday, Nov. 2. (Need not be present to win.) Displaying the quilt during the presentation are officers of the sorority chapter and members of the Mohave Museum Board of Directors. Left to right are: Bud Gatlin; Bill Porter, board president; JoAnn Reisbeck, sorority treasurer; Corliss Foley, sorority vice president; Ruthie Burford, board member; and Marsha Gatlin, sorority president.

I am so proud of my parents!!! They are doing so much with their retirement and their daily lives. Mom has had much medical problems that she over comes and goes forward. Wish I were there to give them each a great big hug. Oh yeah they are both standing in front on each side. :)


Marianne said...

WOW!!!!! Awesome quilt!!! your parents made this????? Such talent for sure! one of my dreams is to learn to quilt someday.... I'm learning to knit right now, LOL... actually making a fancy lace shawl.. whodathunkit!!! ROFL...
Take care my friend, and you are right to be PROUD!!! I'm proud for you!! Sending a great big hug to each of you!!

Anonymous said...

We feel your hugs all the way here in Arizona. Thanks Hon sweet of you. We love ya!
Dad & Mom

Jean said...

Oh wow... that is an awesome quilt!