Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Yep, the year is 2012, Obama and Romney are battling it out. What ever happened to the good men, the founding father's, the ones that got shit done. The Constitution, Declaration of Independence? All those nights in secret houses or rooms.. working together to figure out how to form this country and keep it going to not end up like the country they fled. Huh! Nothing much left of it I fear. Seems there is no respect, much anyway left in this country to be really proud of. It's withering off to some place. I love old people, some are still alive and just died recently that have seen all the changes in this country in just 100 years.

My step-father for instance is in a old folks home this week having the time of his life. Talking to all the old ladies. He has turned into a old pervert... but I digress again. He used to be one of the classiest men I knew. Dad told Mom today he doesn't want to come home. He wants to stay in the old people's home and visit with all the ladies. I am so glad he can't do nothing with his nether region anymore. They say there is more sex in old people's homes than anywhere is in the country.... I will change that to more wanting and wishing for sex.

Oh well, I want my kids to keep voting and to learn what government is about and how it use to work and how it works now. A lot of things are still good in this country! Like getting away to the mountains or the ocean and seeing the beauty of the country.

Well, I did my voting thing today! It will count somewhere lost in the sea of all the millions of others. Have a great day and hope you voted.  Oh how I got off topic up there was wild, sorry... but that is my life! With a whole lot more drama that I will post later. :) LOL

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Jean(ie) said...

Glad to see you surface, dear. I voted, too! I'm not thrilled with the direction we are headed, either. Too much polarization and negative name-calling on all sides.

I long for the day we all got along, were tolerant of each others' beliefs, and didn't mind offering a helping hand.

Hugs and love from the rainy nawth.