Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Pic of the Day

It's Nicky,

Oh Nicky my first baby. Yeah she is a yapper, and a nipper. But, she is a good ole' dog as long as no one new comes around. I love this crazy dog. She reminds me of an old lady wearing an aunt Jemima dress with an apron. When the other dogs play like crazy she tells them when to calm down. I can't take her for rides in the car. She tends to want to throw up. Well, this will be a page in my 30 days of my life book. Yes I am working on scrapbook things but I needed to practice uploading pic's from my camera to my computer. Yee Haw. Saturday I get cable internet so then this process shouldn't take all night. Talk to whoever soon. Also one of you will be tagged very soon. So be on the lookout for "you've been tagged". What fun it will be. Callie

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