Sunday, October 02, 2005

Rainy Sunday

Travels of a Cozy Sunday
I went to work this Morn and sent out a few uhaul trucks. Went and did my delivery's of Close to my heart products. Saw a few other Cozy Sunday Family's. Went by Ron and Haley's they were enjoying breakfast and there wonderful grandson Daniel. He had a train track going in the Living Room and Cartoons on the TV. I miss those days with my little kids at home. Ahhh..... Teresa had her granddaughter with her. Fun fun fun.... Anyway so Now I am at home with Putter and we are both surfing the net. The Nascar race is on and the girls are laying around. I have my famous cup of coffee with me. Sharon made me a cozy little throw for my birthday so I have that on my lap. I feel safe today. This is my idea of a nice Sunday. Now I have to figure out something to cook. Life is Good. 11:28 am Nascar car race is finally starting. Hmmmmmmmmm...... Anyone got any good Sunday dinner receipes? Well, I am sure I will pop in later and write something else or NOT.

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